APS – Art1 Framework

National Art Standards  Fall 2014

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 2.21.35 PM

Art Standards from NMPED

Standard 1: Learn and develop skills and meet technical demands unique to dance, music, theatre/drama and visual arts.

Standard 2: Use dance, music, theatre/drama and visual arts to express ideas.  9-12 

Standard 3: Integrate understanding of visual and performing arts by seeking connections and parallels among arts disciplines as well as other content areas.

Standard 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics of the creative process.

Standard 5: Observe, discuss, analyze and make critical judgments about artistic works.

Standard 6: Show increased awareness of diverse peoples and cultures through visual and performing arts.

Standard 7: Demonstrate knowledge about how technology and invention have historically influenced artists and offered new possibilities for expression.

Standard 8: Contribute to communities by sharing expertise in dance, music, theatre/drama and visual arts and by participating in the activities of cultural institutions.




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