Zen Doodles –

Zen Doodle assignments – 1. Students will practice on a copy paper with about 6 tiles to start.  2. Students will then generate 12 practice zen doodle tiles approximately 1.5 inches on a single piece of sketchbook paper. 3. Students will then take a piece of blank copy paper – draw a line about 1 inch from the sides and about halfway up the portrait side of the page, students will then generate a design that fills at least 50% of the page and has a shape completely zen doodled in.

image-26 student work –

~ Zen Doodling – Zentangle is a copyrighted process with a specific theory  behind the method. – We will be doodling in a meditative style that references Zentangle but is not in fact the method.


Trademarks – “Zentangle“®, our logo, “Anything is possible one stroke at a time“, “Certified Zentangle Teacher“, “CZT“®, “Zentangle Apprentice“®, and “Zentomology” are trademarks, service marks or certification marks of Rick Roberts, Maria Thomas and/or Zentangle, Inc. The marks accompanied bye the ® symbol above are also federally registered trademarks.

We will be doodling in order to make students more confident with both mark making and the mediative artistic process.  Check out our Doodle Prezi.   and this video tutorial. 

Intro lecture 09/09/14- Pay attention to the types of lines.  Lines and mark making Prezi – Van Gogh, Picasso, Giacometti, Bontecou.






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