Gestures -and – Master Copy sketches 4-6

Gesture drawing is a method of analyzing a composition but can also be beautiful for their own sake.  We will focus on body language and the idea of gesture in drawings and paintings. We will focus on using gesture drawing to help analyze the composition of a drawing or painting.  Gesture drawings get the essence or movement of a composition. They should be done quickly and focus on the essence.



Gesture Steps – 1. Observation,  try to look at the subject more than the paper.  2. Find the line of the subject you are trying to draw.  3. Fill in the general shape or mass around the essential lines. 4. Always keep moving while drawing and set time limits for your drawings.

Assignments 1. – Students will start practice gesture drawing on the photographs that look like Renaissance paintings.  2. Students will then volunteer to sketch themselves with time limits between 30-60 seconds.  3. students will then complete the master painting sketches  by 4. Finding the line of each person in their painting. 5. finding the line and adding mass, 6. then simply representing the painting with as few essential or gestural lines as necessary.



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