Collage Series of 5

Using the ideas from other collage artists, magazines, newspapers, glue sticks, glue, and construction paper as materials, students will generate a series of cut-outs or collages.    Art1collageseries rubric.

Students will generate 5 separate 8.5 x 11″ works. At least 1 of each of the following color schemes; Black and White, Monochromatic,  Warm Colors, Cool Colors, with the final 5th being whatever color scheme they choose.  Students will need to generate at least 1 of the following themes: a landscape, a city scape or map, a portrait, and a figure (monster,) with the final 5th design  being a choice of one of the previous themes.  Students need to sketch out each idea first so there is a total of 5 sketches. Each design should be carefully designed and created with attention to detail, contrast, and care while the 5th and final design should clearly demonstrate the elements of art and principles of design learned from the previous 4.


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