Week of 05/11 – Final Weeks –

Students will need to complete their ceramics series this week and then –

On the day of the final – Students should expect to take home their final ceramic pieces as well as their paper portfolios

What’s my Final?  –

1. Students will need to choose a piece of their art work and complete a written reflection of it using the form –

2. Students will complete a metamorphosis drawing either on paper provided or on their portfolios –

Metamorphosis drawing = Students will generate a 5 panel drawing where the first panel is 100% of an object and the final panel is 100% of an animal or something that is alive.  Each panel should be a 25% then 50% and then 75%.

Examples –

meta4 meta3 meta2 meta1

Ceramics (slideshow) . and learning 3 techniques to make objects. Rubric  

1. Ceramic Sphere – Using the Pinch Pot method only, students will make a hollow sphere.
2. Coil Cup – Using the coil method only, students will generate an approximately 2 inch diameter and 3 Inch height cup that is smooth and has straight sides.
3. Hollow Cube – Using the slab method only, students will generate a hollow cube that has approximately 2” sides.
4. Metamorphosis- Using the previous methods, students will generate a design that combines an everyday object with an animal. The design can be as simple as a functional cup or pot that embraces the essence of an animal or a nonfunctional design that is ½ object and ½ animal.  The object must be at least 5” in any one direction and 3” in any other directions.

Week 05/04! EoC’s = Principles of Design and the Elements of Art

Image result for darth vader Monday C Day Review!  – then BABA  Art EoC’s will be 05/07 and 05/08

Multiple Choice and 2 drawing papers for demonstration.

The elements are what makes the composition and the principles are how you arrange the elements!

Elements of Art – 6:56 – Ashreecar

Principles of Design – Meredith Steele 4:52

Elements and Principle of Design  14:20 Kristiansenart Channel