Week of 04/13 Intro to Ceramics

Welcome back to PARCC schedule.

We will be looking at Ceramics (slideshow) . and learning 3 techniques to make objects. Rubric  

1. Ceramic Sphere – Using the Pinch Pot method only, students will make a hollow sphere.
2. Coil Cup – Using the coil method only, students will generate an approximately 2 inch diameter and 3 Inch height cup that is smooth and has straight sides.
3. Hollow Cube – Using the slab method only, students will generate a hollow cube that has approximately 2” sides.
4. Metamorphosis- Using the previous methods, students will generate a design that combines an everyday object with an animal. The design can be as simple as a functional cup or pot that embraces the essence of an animal or a nonfunctional design that is ½ object and ½ animal.  The object must be at least 5” in any one direction and 3” in any other directions.

Week of 04/06 – finish color paintings and self portrait. 

Students we will be starting clay next week and therefore need to finish our exploration of color including the duality self portraits this week.

Check out ther rubric here

Art 1 – Color And Paint Assignments Spring 2015 Huggins Art1


Essential Question: How do artists use paint to make art?  How do artists choose to represent themselves? How do artists use the principles of design and elements of art? Materials: Sketchbook, Primary colors of paint, black, and white paint. (Tempera and Acrylic) Paper (drawing and Watercolor)

Using the concept of the color wheel and ideas from other artists that use color well, Students will explore paint and color.                                                              Please see ahs2015art.wordpress.com for examples.

Assignment  – Time – Comments / Points
1. Graffiti Name Color Wheel – On a 9X 12 piece of paper, Students will draw out their name in the style of american graffiti, divide the paper into 12 sections and alternate colors from text to background. ~ 300 /200
2. Monochromatic CityScape – On a 9X12 piece of paper, Students will choose a photograph of a cityscape and then choosing one color to represent the cityscape. Focus should be on creating a sense of depth with only lights and darks. ~ 240 /100
3. Still life Color Grid – Students will take still life photograph and generate a 1 in grid for that photograph. They will then transfer a 6 x 6 inch section twice as large onto a 12 x12 piece of paper with a 2 inch grid. Each of the 36 squares need to be painted with a unique color scheme. ~ 480 /100
4. Duality Self Portrait – After sketching 2 self portraits – 1 on a “good day” and 1 on a “bad day,” Students will paint 2 self portraits of both “good” and “bad.” Students will demonstrate their understanding of color and paint by using a more abstract style rather than a “photorealistic” style. Students will slice each painting into even measured strips, alternate the images and glue them onto a full size paper. Students will fold their alternate image paper into an accordian style so that each image is visible from different angles. ~ 500 /200