Dual Portrait – “The Enemy from Within” / Cubism- 03/16/15

Essential Question: How does a person choose to portray themselves?

Learning Objective: Students will generate 2 self portraits on a small poster – One half of the portrait will represent themselves on a “good’ day and the other half of the self portrait will represent them on a “Bad’ day.

Expansion- Students can decide to make an accordian style protrait where students will equally cut up the paper in strips and then alternate and fold along the lines.  Students may use tempera, or acrylic paint. 


 Resources: – The Teenage Brain: Spock vs. Captain Kirk – NPR 03/11/2015,

The Enemy from Within – Star Trek Trailer 1:05  – ,  Excerpts from Episode – 10:40


Imagine the adolescent brain as the bridge from Star Trek‘s USS Enterprise, host to a constant tug of war between the impulsive Captain Kirk (limbic system) and the reasonable Mr. Spock (prefrontal cortex).

LA Johnson/NPR

You may choose to use Cubism as a style –  

Students may also choose to do one painting self portrait that uses Cubism as a style. The object is to use what we have learned with our color exploration to draw yourself.  Cubism 10:04 ,  How to draw cubist style 5:17 Self Portrait Picasso Style 6:47   first 3 minutes. George Bracques, Juan Gris – 

Pablo Picasso, self portrait – 


Juan Gris Portrait of Picasso

cubism PD 3(1) 



Week of 03/02 Welcome to PARCC Schedule – Continuing with Color

1st Period – MWF, 2nd and 4th Periods we will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday. Continuing with Color Theory –  Understanding Color – Andrew Price 23.13 ,  Rothko – Technique from MOMA 3:13  Good morning we will be continuing with color and exploring line with color as well.

Self portrait – side bar –

Top ten self portraits in art – the guardian
The Guardian 09/2014

At Arms Length- a guide to the selfie. Vulture article