Weeks 02/02 through 02/23 – Painting in Color!

Learning objectives: Students will learn to mix colors with paint by creating a color wheel graffiti name, a monochromatic landscape/cityscape, and a multi-hue still life grid.    Famous painters that have used color well – Turner, Cézanne, Rothko,  Hans Hoffman

Color Wheels-

Designers wheel : color_wheel_by_dryadforestking-d32q8mx

Painters Color  wheel-


1. In small groups can you make Pantone colors of the year?  Marsala?, Emerald? how about another one?  Marsala Yahoo News! 


2. Make a grafitti name color Grid –

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 4.19.27 PM

Lesson Resources: Graffiti Wheel  , Tag Street Names – Google –  Grafitti Generator

3. Students will generate a monochromatic landscape/landscape in tempera paint. Students may use a photograph as a template.

4. Students will generate a photo still life that will be gridded and where each grid must be a unique color hue.