Week of 11/10! – Pictograms & Keith Haring

We will be on a C, A, B, C schedule this week as we honor our Veterans 11/11.

Essential Question: How do artists use gestures and symbols to express their message? How do artists use the principles of design and elements of art to generate a message? Materials: Sketchbook , colored pencils, Final on Poster Paper.

Learning Objectives: Students will explore the use of signs as a non verbal form of communication.

Pictograms Assignment- ,  After observing Keith Haring and the following signs, students will  complete the following assignment – art1rubric pictograms.

  1. Students will choose an existing pictogram and make either a primary or secondary color scheme of the pictogram.
  2. Students will pick a rule or concept for Albuquerque High School and make an original design of a pictogram to represent that rule or concept.
Final Design: In the style of Keith Haring –

  1. Students will write a positive message statement that they want to share to the world.
  2.  In the style of Keith Haring, Students will design 6 separate pictograms representing positive messages about themselves and the world. ~ Each pictogram will take up a quarter of a page.
  3.  Students will arrange their own message pictograms in a color sketch.
  4. Final – Students will make a final drawing/poster for their own positive message arranging their positive pictograms.

Keep the Photo’s coming to hugginsdocs@gmail.com

Students will 1. Students will generate photograph self portrait using the principles of design and submit electronically to hugginsdocs@gmail.com.  Due 11/03/2014.  2. finish their Sports Logos designs. 3. Start Pictograms assignment.

Essential Questions:  How do artists use the principles of design in self portraits?

Use the principles of design that we discussed during the master painting copy assignment to make your self portrait.  (Composition must include a setting and an intentional expression of you – not just a random selfie.)

Artist Resource:  Cindy Sherman –


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