Week of 10/27/14

Due 11/03/2014 – Students will generate photograph self portrait using the principles of design and submit electronically to hugginsdocs@gmail.com.

Essential Questions:  How do artists use the principles of design in self portraits?

Use the principles of design that we discussed during the master painting copy assignment to make your self portrait.  (Composition must include a setting and an intentional expression of you – not just a random selfie.)

Artist Resource:  Cindy Sherman –

Sports Logos Design Principles and Color Theory –

Essential Question: How does color theory contribute to designs?

Learning Objectives: 1. Students will make their own basic color wheel with colored pencils (Sketchbook.) 2. Students will observe sports logos for both color schemes and principles of design. 3. Students will generate a color wheel of either a corporate or sports logo in all of the primary and secondary colors.

Design Challenge:  Using Color theory and the principles of design 1. Students will design a logo for the fictitious  New Mexico – NFL or MLS soccer team called the runners ( for road runners.)  2. Students will design their own fictitious sports team logo.


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