week #3 – Start Value Studies, Sketchbook and Portfolio setup

Essential Questions: How do we define Value? What does a value scale show? How can we generate a design that maximizes value?

Learning Objectives: Students will take notes and reflect on their experience drawing Chuck Close.  Students will start to generate a series of drawings that demonstrate the use of value with graphite.  Students will set up their folders.

Sketchbook –

Drawings from the front to the back, Notes from the Back to the front with Syllabus in the very back.

Portfolio setup-

You will need your name on the top corners of every side of the poster. Adjective on 1 side and Noun on the other in 3 dimensions

Realism in contrast to Abstract art writing reflection-

Example Chuck Close.  1. In their sketchbooks starting from the back to the front, Students will take quick notes on Chuck Close, define the terms Realism and Abstract in art and then answer the interpretive question – Which one of Chuck Close’s painting styles (earlier – hyperrealistic vs. later – abstract) is more accurate? Chuck Close link.  This is a level 2 interpretive question with no right answer. Students state their opinion and then write about why with evidence from the paintings.





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